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The Southern Spit

When the swell gets really big and Flameballs starts closing out it's time to hit the southern spit which hosts TT's, on it's day probably the best wave in the area. This winding left hander reels off down a horseshoe reef for around two to three hundred metres and is without a doubt a world class wave. When the wind is wrong or the swell too small there is also a classic right hander on the other side of the reef that can be really good fun. The right is called Inners cause about five kms further out to sea there is an insane right hander called Outers that can handle anything that Huey throws at it. If you're looking for big waves Outers is where you wanna be on a big swell, just make sure you bring the right board to surf 20ft and while you're at it, grab the premium travel and medical insurance plan! Your accommodation is in back to the basics beachfront bungalows with double bed and outside share facility toilets and shower. The spit is a tiny Vezo fishing village with around two hundred inhabitants. There's a tiny store just behind the restaurant but not much else in the area, this is the true deep in the heart of Africa travel experience! You will be on full board for as long as we stay here.