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 The coast between Mangily and Morondava is riddled with numerous unsurfed reefs, points, atolls, and beach breaks just waiting to be discovered as access is strictly by boat only

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We can organise private charters on a luxury catamaran to take you up this unexplored piece of coastline in the search of perfect never before surfed waves. Fancy being the first person to have ever surfed a filthy left or right hander just grinding down the line over a coral reef all in a tropical perfection backdrop? And while we're at it, why not having that very same wave named after you? There are very few places in the world where you can still do this and Madagascar remains one of the last truly unexplored surfing frontiers on the planet, just waiting for the game to write their names on it! Please contact us for more information.


The next discovery trip will be leaving Tulear on 18 June of next year. On board will be your experienced captain and owner of the catamaran, an epic icon of surfing in the Indian Ocean, one of the pioneer surfers who discovered Tamarin Bay in Mauritius, Saint Leu in Réunion Island, and a 20 year veteran of living and surfing in Tulear, Madagascar, yours truly Blair the surf guide plus two other surfers and a journalist photographer who will be covering the trip. There are only 2 places left on board so if you are interested please contact me in the briefest delay for further details ….