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Day 1: Our trustworthy chauffeur guide Hasy will pick you up from base camp in Tulear and you will begin your journey north towards Isalo National Park. Upon arrival Hasy will show you a choice of hotels to suit your budget. Established in 1962, the Isalo National Park houses 815 km² of sandstone massif wildly eroded by wind and rain into bizarre ridges (known as "runiformes") featuring wild forms, impressive gorges and canyons and tiny stalagmite pinnacles. The far Wild West reminiscent of the landscape, dominated by rugged massive that rises up from the flat surrounding grassy plain, attracts hikers from the whole world that gather here to admire the sweeping colours of this Jurassic scenery. The climate is dry tropical with warm temperatures all year around.

Day 2: Day free to explore the park as you wish. Though wildlife here is not as prominent as other parks, there are still a couple of species worth looking out for: Ring-tailed lemurs, brown lemurs, sifakas and 14 other nocturnal lemurs hide in dense vegetation along the streams. The park also homes approximately 80 species of birds, 35 reptiles and several endemic frogs. There are several different itineraries you can do which include visiting natural swimming pools, waterfalls ,lakes, canyons, all whilst observing the incredible natural fauna and flora infested with animals which are indigenous to Madagascar. Hasy will help you choose an itinerary which best suits your needs.

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Day 3: Today you will continue north towards Ranomafana hot springs and natural reserve. Once again Hasy will help you find a hotel that best suits you and your budget. Nestled in the rolling hills of Central Madagascar's highlands, and graced by the roaring Namorona River, Ranomafana is as scenic as it is friendly, and offers a premier starting point from which to explore the many surrounding gems of the region. Just outside Ranomafana's city limits, find the wonderfully diverse Ranomafana National Park. Dominated by the thundering white water of the Namorona River, the spectacular upland rainforest of Ranomafana National Park offers some of the most outstanding scenery in Central Madagascar. Protecting 12 species of lemur, including all three species of bamboo lemurs, ruffed and re bellied lemurs and the striking Milne Edward's diadem sifaka, as well as housing an astonishing variety of rare birds, reptiles and frogs, the Ranomafana National Park is as ecologically important as it is breathtaking.

Day 4: Free day to explore the park. There are 5 different circuits you can do to explore this marvelous reserve. The shorter treks are the most popular and can get quite crowded during the high season. The longer treks are much quieter and more rewarding from a wildlife watching point of view: Varibolomena circuit: easy trek of 4 hours, a good chance to spot bamboo lemurs in the secondary forest passing by a beautiful waterfall. It can also be made by night to discover reptiles and frogs. Sahamalaotra circuit: a 10 km trek through the forest looking for lemurs and birds. Vohiparara circuit: 2 days trek across the National Park (20 km return) spotting lemurs, birds and other animals and visiting a sacred lake. Varijatsy circuit: 1 or 2 days trek (15 km of rough path) across the primary forest looking for lemurs and birds and passing by a waterfall and a natural pool where you can take a bath. Soarano circuit: 2 or 3 days hard trek (at least 20 km) through the primary forest discovering diverse fauna and looking for lemurs and other animals. There is also a cultural visit to a pair of traditional tanala villages set in the middle of the forest.

Day 5: This morning you will leave Ranomafana and continue your journey up to Antsirabe the second largest city in Madagascar and also the home to some of the best restaurants in the country. En route there are several different sites of interest to visit including the Zebu markets in Ambalavao and the magnificent Lake Tritriva which is set on an extinct crater and lays host to several diffrent hot springs in the region.

Day 6: This morning you will leave Antsirabe and continue your journey up to Anatananarivo for your outbound flight. Your driver will either drop you at the airport or can organise you a good hotel either in the city or near the airport depending on your plans.

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  • Car rental
  • All fuel expenses
  • Full time chauffeur guide and trip advisor
  • All driver's expenses including food and accommodation
  • Drivers return trip from Tulear to Antananarivo or vice versa.



  • Accommodation. Hasy will help you find accommodation which best suits your needs and budget but you must pay the hotels directly.
  • Food. Same deal Hasy will advise you the best places to eat according to your budget.
  • Entrance or guidance fees in national parks
  • Any additional days added on to above itinerary or major deviations off the RN7.

PRICE: 595 euros for the vehicule seating 2 clients.Extra days 80 euros. Extra client 100 euros.

NB: This is just a sample itinerary which is fully flexible and can run from Tulear to Tana or vica versa. The itinerary may be customised to add on or remove days or places visited according to your wishes. Please note that this trip is independantly run our primary road trip driver Hasy or other depending on availability. Mada Surf Tours will not be held responsible for changes to itinerary due to flight modifications or otherwise.

Accommodation types
  • Holiday Homes
  • Homestays
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Mode of transportation Road
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