" ... I seriously had more fun that afternoon than I've had anywhere else in the world!!!! Fun waves, all to ourselves – who could ask for more? And then to boat back to what can only be described as beach paradise accommodation, eating fresh cray's off the flames of a beach fire, washed down with a few THB's and then sleeping 25m from the ocean edge, to wake up in the dark ready for the dawnie and start it all over again...heaven on earth!!! ..." Darrel H, Durban SA - June 2014

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#5 Jamie B, South Afric 2018-02-22 12:41
Place sucks big time! Shitty waves, crowded and full of sharks. Expensive as, horrible dirty locals, fat ugly chicks, and theives everywhere, to be avoided at all costs!! Be back for sure haha!!
#4 Youn L, Shark Island 2018-02-22 12:40
Mada Surf Tours helped me discover the most insane places such as Sarodrano, Anakao, and Mangily ... I surfed perfect waves thanks to Blair's local knowledge of the breaks and surf conditions. It is also totally uncrowded, no surfers or sharks, so if you're sick of getting hassled by 20 guys in the line up, or the shark factor is keeping you out of the water Tulear is the place you want to be! To top it off if you like partying you won't find any better!! I have already been twice and am heading back for the third time, can't get enough of this place!! Thanks for everything Blair, the best surf guide I have ever met!
#3 Olivier 2018-02-22 12:39
The perfect off the beated track holiday with insane waves all to yourself ... well almost : With Blair the only guide capable in a 24 hour timeframe of finding you a world class break with perfect waves and to top it off, a show of whales swimming around the boat for an hour ... bloody hard act to beat !!! Adventure fans jump on board !!! Thanks Blair and see you soon ...
#2 Sean D 2018-02-22 12:32
This place is a surfers paradise. Packed with world class waves and no crowds. Blair made sure we were out at the best spot every day. Great operation he has here. Book a trip with Blair and you are guaranteed to not be dissapointed!
#1 Stefan K 2018-02-22 12:23
I just returned from a 3 week surf trip in Madagascar and had such an incredible time there. If you want to surf perfect reefs all alone or just with your buddies Mada is the place to go. The waves are world class but fickle so local knowledge is the key to score epic surf. Based in Tulear Blair takes you to the best spots north and south coast depending on swell, tides, and wind. He will get you to the best waves on any given day but also when its flat Mada is beautiful and more than worth a trip, uncrowded clean beaches and water, good fishing and diving, incredible cheap seafood, and cool friendly people. I can't wait to be back there, amazing trip!

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